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Walker-Turner Driver Line L540 Lathe

I paid $75 for this lathe in about 2001 or so. It came with a nice Dayton motor, a four-jaw chuck, a couple of faceplates, a spur center, cup center, tool rest, and a few dogs.

It sat under a bench in my workshop for a couple years and moved with us from NJ to VA before I finally stripped it down and did a full restoration in Summer 2005. I had acquired the stand at an estate auction in 2004 with the lathe in mind. The stand originally was for an old Delta scroll saw. It got a full strip and repaint also.

I acquired the stand at an estate auction for $5. It originally was for a Delta scroll saw, but when I saw it sitting out in the guy’s yard, I realized it would work pretty well for this lathe. I used a nice piece of douglas fir dimensional lumber, cleaned up and varnished, for the base to sit the lathe on.

I also designed and fabricated a mount for the motor that allows it to slide back and forth for changing speeds by moving the belt on the cone pulley.

I sold this lathe in 2008 because I was given a Brodhead-Garret J-Line lathe, which I perceived to be a better lathe, and I really don’t need or have the space for two lathes!

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