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Rockwell 12/14 Table Saw

I got this beast from a GSA online auction in November 2006.  The photo above was from the auction.  It came with the fence, but not the fence rails, and no miter gauge.  But it otherwise is in excellent condition and appears to have had very little use.  It is extremely clean. And the price was low enough to make it more than worth it.

The saw was at a GSA Depot in Harrisburg, PA.  Convenient because (1) Harrisburg is only about 4-1/2 hours away and (B) my in-laws live in Harrisburg, about 15-20 minutes from where the depot is.

The pickup went much more smoothly than I had thought it was going to.  The guy in charge was very nice and he had a functioning forklift.  And he really knew how to use it.  I was afraid they might get some goon to toss the saw onto my trailer, but he sent it down just as gentle as could be and nudged it perfectly into position.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day for the drive home.  Wish I had taken some pictures; the fall foliage was absolutely beautiful, and it was sunny, bright and warm.

When I got it home, I had to figure out how to get it off the trailer and move it around in my garage.  The saw weighs nearly 900 lbs. and I was moving it by myself.

I used a crow bar to lever the whole pallet it was on over to the edge of the tailgate ramp, an inch at a time.

Then I carefully tilted it down onto the ramp, with a piece of plywood on the ramp.  Then I just slid the whole mess down the ramp.  At the bottom, I slid the whole assemblage – plywood, pallet and saw, onto some 3/4″ black iron pipes.

Then I made like the ancient Egyptians and very easily rolled it across the garage and tucked into the corner for storage.  I knew it would be a while before I got to doing anything with it.

In 2007, I had my workshop built.  When it was done, it was time to get my tools and machinery out of the garage so my wife could finally get her car in there.  So I bought a Jet 708119 mobile base and had to figure out how to get the saw off the pallet and into the mobile base.  To lighten it up a bit, I removed the top – first the two extension wings, then the insert, then the center section of the top.  The center section alone probably weighs as much as the entire top of my Unisaw.  Even the insert is solid cast iron and heavy.  As a fellow OWWM’er said about the 12/14, “There is nothing light about that saw.”

Once I got it open, it gave me an opportunity to have a look inside.

Looks like they used it to cut a lot of pine or something, as there was some very light sawdust inside, and some built-up pitch on the dust shield inside.  Otherwise, it appears it has seen very little use.

I managed to wrestle the saw into the mobile base without killing or maiming myself, but it was a near thing.

I then easily rolled it over into the new workshop building, and moved the top and other parts into a back corner.  Here it is talking smack to my Unisaw.

It is one of the many machines I need to get to and get it back online.

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