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DeWalt MotoMiterBox

So the Craig’s list ad showed a picture of this sweet little cast arn radial arm saw, with a price of $80. I mean, what was I supposed to do, not buy it? Come on, I mean, seriously.

This is one solid little machine. Very high-quality castings, nice and beefy, even though it’s only a 9″ saw.

This is the evolutionary precursor to the compound miter saw. I love the fact that it’s called the “MotoMiterBox”.

I also love the nice brass tag on the back of the column.

Heck, I like a lot about this little saw. Can’t wait to tear into it, do a full resto, clean it up and actually use it.

If you’ve got one of these and are interested in estimating its age, this thread from the Old Woodworking Machines forum explains how to figure it out, based on the machine’s serial number.  Based on the serial number, this one was manufactured in November of 1944.

Here is a two-page flyer from 1948 about the MMB.

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