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CostCutter Printer’s Saw

I bought this just because I thought it was cool and it didn’t cost too much.

My original plan was to convert it to woodworking and use it for precision joinery work, as I have seen such conversions of Hammond Gliders.

It is surprisingly heavy for how small and compact it is. Extremely well-built and very beefy castings all over. I think it probably would come close to weighing as much as a Unisaw. Not quite, but it’s easily 300 lbs of cast arn. This is machinery from the golden age of American-made machinery. The machining and precision is excellent. The arbor-raising crank has almost zero backlash and is capable of very fine adjustment. Just quality all around.

After fooling around with it for a little while, I finally decided it was just taking up too much space in my shop and it was very unlikely I would ever get around to doing much with it. Besides, at the time I had seven other table saws in my shop. So I sold it and away it did go!

Still a very cool machine.

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