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Welcome To The Tool Rest

Where Rust Never Sleeps

Welcome to The Tool Rest. It’s my little corner of the web, dedicated to antique woodworking tools and machinery (and some blacksmithing tools too) and some of the stuff I occasionally actually make with them – as well as any other project or thing that strikes my fancy.

Oh and – for the record – I don’t really like rust. It’s just the e-mail address my wife gave me about 15 years ago after I became seriously engaged in the habit of bringing home old, heavy, rusty metal things and piling them up in the basement, garage and wherever I could hide them. She says I need intervention. If I bring home one more big, old, crusty machine without first getting one out of my shop, she’ll probably sign the commitment papers.

In the words of the immortal Dave Barry, “There is a very fine line between ‘hobby’ and ‘mental illness’.

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